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Advice and Information

Do you need help and support in your community?

Would you like help with your English language?

Do you need advice and information?

Refugees and asylum seekers from Black Minority and Ethnic communities face huge difficulties in accessing mainstream services and integrating upon arrival in the UK. 

Language barriers, cultural issues, unemployment matters, a lack of education and awareness of services and rights including welfare benefits and housing matters all severely impact the lives of these people. CLSS provides advice, support and guidance to address these issues. We provide a free and personal service that is confidential and impartial.

CLSS provides: Information, legal advice, advocacy and support by telephone, face to face or outreach visits to our clients’ homes, assistance on accessing health services, education, legal advice including a casework service on Welfare Benefits and Housing, Signposting and referrals, interpreting and a translating service.

Services we provide:
  • Information, advice and guidance

  • Advocacy service

  • Outreach and home visits

  • Support by Telephone

  • Face to face meetings

  • Women’s group sessions

  • Interpreting and translating services

  • A case work service on Welfare and Housing

  • Immigration Advice at Level 1 on Asylum and Immigration Law

  • Run a workshop and community events with other health professionals and supporting agencies to improve people’s awareness, access to services and to bring people together.

In these languages:
  • Amharic

  • Arabic

  • English

  • Somali

  • Tigre

  • Tigrinya

  • Belen

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