Community Language Support Services

Workshops in the Community

We run workshops and work on projects alongside other organisations to raise awareness and educate those within our community of services and to build community integration.

Zoom Livestream Women's Exercise Sessions

Right now due to COVID we are running Women's Exercise Sessions through Zoom livestreams. We are proud that we are able to do this and continue our exercise sessions that we were doing in-person before as this allows our participants to stay healthy, stay fit and to keep building confidence and developing friendships. 

We hope these sessions will continue to help women from diverse communities to become healthier and happier in these troubling and difficult times.  

We are working with EvolveWithK, a fitness instructor, to provide these fantastic sessions every week.


Womens' Exercise Sessions

We are proud to say we also run a womens' exercise group that offers a space in which women can exercise, stay fit, develop confidence, friendships and enjoy being part of a group. 

We hope these sessions will give women from diverse communities an opportunity to get healthier and feel better while also developing friendships. 

Women Together For A Change

We are proud to say we run a women’s self-help group that offers a space in which women share experiences, build confidence and develop supportive relationships.

It is a workshop that aims to bring women that may be isolated from diverse communities together so that they can engage in activities to develop relationships.

This workshop also helps them to develop community links with local groups, services and projects. It provides them with a meeting space to engage with each other and other people who can help them integrate them into the local community.


Help Building Community Integration

We also run a meeting group in which many community members can discuss their experiences with issues they come across. This helps to build integration and to develop relationships within the community.